Tiffany Haddish, Teach Me How to Flirt

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Even while making the press rounds for her new movie Night School, Tiffany Haddish takes every damn opportunity to flirt when a hottie comes around. Honestly? I’m inspired.


On Monday, Haddish was a guest on The Late Late Show with James Corden where she joined Jay Hernandez, a man I know nothing except that he’s fine, and she made the most out of the situation. Hernandez was there promoting the Magnum P.I. remake—a show I know my dad is going to be very into—and Haddish was there promoting her love of the O.G. Magnum, Tom Selleck.

“I thought that Tom Selleck was gon’ be my first baby daddy for a little bit!” she joked before leaning towards Hernandez and asking, “How you doin’? Do you have any baby mamas?”


He responds: “I could,” before asking to cut to commercial because “We have a discussion to have.” He whispers something inaudibly in her ear and then says, “We’ll figure it out.”

Later, Hernandez talks about buying a surfboard and not knowing how to surf, which Haddish responds to with, “Oh, I know how to surf. I could teach you.” He fires back, “Something’s happening right now. Your surfing might be a little different but I’m down to learn,” and touches! her! thigh! She gives him a little suggestive surfin’ wiggle, a little wink, a little giggle, a little “Drunk in Love” serenade. Girl!

It gets steamier, to the point where I actually googled Hernandez and learned he’s been married for 12 years. Would’ve been nice (to his wife) if he’d led with that, but I digress. Congrats to them, but I still ship this.

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This is adorable and I really hope that his wife was laughing her ass off during this.