Tiffany Haddish Might Be Getting Her Own Daytime Talk Show Once Ellen Is Gone

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Ellen Degeneres will boogie no longer on the set of her eponymous daytime talk show Ellen. So who gets to ascend to the white leather couch of daytime corniness? According to Page Six, the most likely successor is Tiffany Haddish, who has appeared as a guest host several times on the show. Haddish has also been fine-tuning her skills as a host on CBS with her show Kids Say the Darndest Things.


If Haddish is selected as the next host, it will likely be at a later time in the day as Kelly Clarkson’s show is getting the bump to the coveted timeslot now left wide open by Ellen’s departure. Either way, the daytime block will be getting a major facelift if Haddish chooses to walk the path of comedic host handing out random gifts to audience members. [Page Six]

Universal Pictures, the company behind Promising Young Woman, is delivering an unpromising apology to Laverne Cox after Cox’s character was dubbed over by a cis male voice actor in European versions of the film, per the BBC. Cox, who plays coffee shop owner Gail, was voiced by male actors in the Italian, German, and Spanish versions of the movie, an error that a Universal spokesperson described as “a bias that neither we nor many in our industry had recognized.” The company claims it is working to redub the films and apologized to Cox and the transgender community at large. [BBC]

  • Lisa Vanderpump had a nice dinner out with her husband and sent the bill for the meal to her archnemesis Kyle Richards who was also out to dinner at the same restaurant. [TMZ]
  • Russell Wilson and Ciara cement their power couple status once again after signing a first look deal with Amazon for scripted series. [Hollywood Reporter]
  • Speculation is growing that Harry and Meghan might name their baby girl Philippa after Harry’s grandfather, which is even creepier than naming her Diana. [Celebitchy]
  • American Idol contestant Caleb Kennedy has been cut from the show after a racist video of him joking about the KKK surfaced. [Us Weekly]



Am I crazy? What’s creepy about naming children after relatives you love? Don’t many families use the same names because of this? Also, Philippa is an existing name? See Soo and Middleton.