Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down

Did you know that ties were "out" but now they're back in? (Is it just us or do we sound like Heidi Klum?). We didn't either, but today's NY Times "Thursday Styles" section told us so. The thing is, the writers and editors on the Times' Style desk are well-known for pulling stories out of their asses, so we decided to hit the city streets and see what we could learn about the state of menswear in Manhattan for ourselves. Along with Gawker Media videomeister Nick McGlynn we visited Rockefeller Plaza to poll male professionals as to where and when they wear neckwear... and if their ties ever get used for "sealing the deal" outside the boardroom. Their responses, above.

After Years Of Being Out, The Necktie Is In [NY Times]


X on the MTA

i look like i am 17 and I usually just cut my hair in the shower with craft scissors when i wake up drunk, so a good tie does wonders for me in terms of people taking me seriously. Also, girls seem to love my hungover and filthy, but in nice clothes look. The only times I get the time of day from women is when I wear a tie. In all seriousness, the only time i have gotten attention from women in the last 5 months is the two days a week i have to wear a tie. although to be fair it also means i am wearing a suit and shirt instead of a dirty undershirt and jeans that smell like ashtray.

But I do have to say this, you either wear a really fucking nice tie or none at all because a shitty tie just makes you look stupid and generic— reminiscent of a college kid interviewing for jobs with his new express suit and tie.