Those Swedes Jack Won His Titanic Tickets from Must Have Been Really Happy to Be Losers

Image via Paramount/Titanic.

At the beginning of Titanic, Jack (RIP) wins his tickets on the doomed ocean liner from a couple of Swedes named Olaf and Sven. I bet they felt pretty lucky, huh???

“Me and your grandpapa almost got on the Titanic, but some poor sucker won our tickets in a poker game mere moments before boarding,” Olaf probably tells the couple’s grandkids.


“By the skin of our teeth,” Sven adds, squeezing Olaf’s hands and looking lovingly into his eyes, both men feeling grateful for the full and wonderful life together.

A man once said that when you got nothing, you’ve got nothing to lose—but these two had and gained everything. You could travel the world, but nothing comes not dying on the Titanic.

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