The rape allegations relentlessly surfacing against Bill Cosby like Cheerios in milk aren't just ruining his television career, but also his marketing opportunities: Dude has officially dropped from #3 most trusted celebrity, in the upper echelon with Tom Hanks and Betty White, to a lowly #2,615.

This new informational ranking comes from The Marketing Arm, according to the Wall Street Journal, and it's only pulling from a database of 3,000 famous folks. Cosby's brand is heading for the bottom—and it is already almost there. His new bottom-dwelling company is Manti Te'o, the Notre Dame player who lied extensively about having a dead girlfriend.


Another company called Networked Insights tallied up all of the social media quips people uploaded about Cosby during the first 20 days of November. Of the 700,000, nearly one third were negative. But, you know, people are still buying Jell-O, so cool.

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