I mean it literally when I say for the demon in you — this collection, presented in New York City as part of New York Fashion week, is perfect for the woman-about-town who's possessed by a terrifying spirit from from a 19th century mental institution.

Thom Browne has combined decadent Elizabethan silhouettes — elaborate shoulders, stiff collars, ruffs, wide sleeves — with a "insane asylum"/confinement motif. This is most blatant in the one dress whose large, decorative shoulder details and lace whorls morph into a constricting straightjacket, but the idea is prevalent throughout the entire collection. The result is eerie, compelling, and slightly uncanny: there's something disturbing about how effectively the traditional trappings of femininity can confine and imprison.

Here's the rest of the collection for you to peruse at your leisure:

Images via Getty.