This Westworld Season 2 Trailer Features Dolores As a Vengeance Goddess

Westworld premiered its first season two trailer at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, offering a glimpse of a world turned chaotic and brutal. In the midst of it all, our heroine Dolores snarls atop a galloping horse, firing a rifle like a goddamn goddess of vengeance. Promising!

Season one’s finale all but assured an imminent robot uprising, and this trailer indicates the same. Scored to Sammy Davis Jr.’s triumphant “I Gotta Be Me,” we see Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) encounter a tiger corpse and Maeve (Thandie Newton) gaze steadily upon a vast floor littered with bodies and blood. Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood, aka my queen) mows down partygoers on horseback, her golden hair wafting behind her.

The final shot settles on a closeup of the Man in Black (Ed Harris), blood oozing from the cuts and creases in his skin. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he smiles—isn’t this what he wanted all along?


It’s still unclear when, exactly, the second season will air. The trailer only specifies the year, 2018. So, we have plenty of time to speculate as to what violent delights—and violent ends—await us.

Frankly, I’d be delighted by an android matriarchy helmed by Maeve and Dolores—but I’m not holding my breath.

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