This Week in Meghan McCain Brings Whoopi Goldberg Reaching the Upper Limit of Her Patience

For Halloween this year, Meghan McCain and Joy Behar dressed up as the evil twins from The Shining. Sadly, it wasn’t as frightening as listening to her talk every other day of the year.

On two separate occasions this week, McCain had to be reminded to listen to others and treat people with a tiny bit of respect, by both Whoopi Goldberg and Cory Booker. She also lamented that Liz Cheney won’t return her emails.


All work and no play brings her one step closer to quitting, I hope.

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zuludaddy (says Bravo Zulu)

Hey looks like there’s a mass exodus to Discord channel “left of dead.”

And I seem to have been greyed all of the sudden at Gizmodo, though not here, oddly.