This Week In Meghan McCain Brings Us Nervous Laughter, Baths With Mom, And More Ilhan Omar Comments

This week was a relatively tame one for Meghan McCain on the The View. Her most cringeworthy moment transpired on a Late Night With Seth Meyers appearance, where she defended her previous comments linking Ilhan Omar’s rhetoric to April’s synagogue shooting, saying to Myers, “What are you, her publicist?”

It wasn’t all quiet on the home front. McCain spent her time on The View obsessing over Stevie Nicks, confirming that she would not take a bath with her mother, and interspersing a lot of nervous laughter. What’s so funny, Meghan?

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I sit on the toilet every morning with my daily cigarette and read the clickbait headlines of my dad’s favorite news source: Raw Story. Every headline sounds like the Democrats are straight up destroying the Republicans in a wrestling death match or something. “Lindsey Graham trashed by somebody for something” and “somebody levels a Trump supporter on Twitter.” 85% of the time, I don’t even bother to read the articles unless the headline is truly crazy... or if it’s Meghan McCain. The hypocritical inanity that pours out of that woman’s mouth is truly spectacular. She’s neck and neck with Tami Lahren for my favorite Crazy Blonde Conservative.