This Week in Meghan McCain Brings Us Hugs, Astrology, and Some Thoughts on Seinfeld

I think all this time being The View’s black sheep is catching up with Meghan McCain. She began this week with an alarmingly impassioned defense of hugs (especially hugs from Joe Biden), and wrapped it up by comparing her tenure on the show to Seinfeld’s Frank Costanza airing his Festivus grievances.

For the love of God, someone please give Meghan McCain a hug. Otherwise, she’s got a lot of problems with you people, and you’re gonna hear about it.

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Can’t stand her.

Also, why do I get the feeling all these co-hosts are auditioning not just for the other brunette conservative token — can never remember her name — but for this trainwreck who’s showing more and more her real idiocracy self.