This Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Was Worse Than Yours

Oh, wow, your mom tried to upstage you? Your aunt had too many cocktails and hit on a waiter? Everyone got food poisoning? Damn, sorry, this story still takes the Worst Rehearsal Dinner cake, then smashes that cake on the ground.

According to the New York Post, former lovers Bradley Moss and Amy Bzura are at each others throats with multiple lawsuits after hosting their respective families at the Blue Water Grill on Oct. 28, 2016 for a horrendous rehearsal dinner. They were set to get married the following day at the Pierre Hotel, in a ceremony that cost an estimate $1,100 per head, and $325,000 all together. Things started off fine, but some unspecified lingering resentment between Moss’s parents and Bzura’s brother suddenly erupted:

On Oct. 28, 2016, the night before Bradley Moss and longtime girlfriend Amy Bzura were to tie the knot, Bradley’s parents, Robert and Wendy Moss, hosted the meal at Blue Water Grill in Union Square.

But the parents took offense as the bride’s brother, Adam Bzura, was about to make a “heartfelt toast” and video tribute, says the Manhattan federal court suit filed by Amy’s dad, Bruce.

Robert Moss, 65, “inexplicably and angrily declared that Adam was not allowed to speak at the dinner,” and then growled, “Do you know what I can do to you?,” the suit claims.

He threatened to kick Adam out, and “events began to escalate,” it says.

Robert Moss then punched Adam Bzura in the face, according to lawsuits, and his wife, Wendy Moss, started arguing with her son, Michael. Then she started calling other guests and declaring that the wedding was off. The groom’s father threatened to cut his son out of the family business, Long Island Pipe Supply, and cut him out of the will if he went through with the marriage.


The NYP reports that in a lawsuit filed after the disastrous dinner, Bzura claims that the Mosses then changed the locks on the apartment she shared with her former fiancé, preventing her from getting her belongings. Bzura filed a court order, but the night before it was heard, the Mosses allowed her back in to collect her stuff—accompanied by an off-duty police officer, which she says was purely to humiliate her.

Amy Bzura is also currently being sued for the $125,000 engagement ring she received from Bradley Moss. Her dad, Bruce Bzura, is suing Robert Moss for the $89,919 he allegedly promised to pay for his 79 wedding guests, guests that never got to come to a wedding. That’s too bad. Sounds like every anniversary party with these two would’ve been lit.

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