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Image: Screengrab from The Late Late Show With James Corden

Like a sparrow perched upon Shaquille O’Neal, here we have Victoria Beckham perched upon Shaquille O’Neal. He holds his pet human’s legs so that she won’t blow away while she makes a slam-dunk; NO HANDS!!! That was nice of him.


Discussion time. She has important information for him from the looks of it, but it is hard to hear from so far away.

Here they are, off to see the wizard James Corden, who will grant their wishes–of what?


Ah, to promote Beckham’s upcoming workout clothing capsule collection for Reebok, featuring Shaquille O’Neal’s signature slam-dunk graphic, name, and number, granting them much prosperity:


And momentarily, Victoria Beckham seems to have revealed what I believe may be a first and only truly joyous smile.

Illustration for article titled This Video of Shaquille ONeal Holding Victoria Beckham on His Shoulders Is Currently the Best

She still went ahead and promised carpool karaoke with the Spice Girls–almost certainly another crushing broken promise–but nothing can ruin this moment.


Thank you Shaq.

Thank you Posh.

Thank you Reebok.

Snooki tells InTouch that, during their first season, the Jersey Shore cast was paid in weekly gift cards ($200) to the Shore Store.* I believe they deserve ample backpay, and here’s why:


While googling this, I came across this Us Weekly item in which Pauly D.–a parent–talks about having sex in first class in the freakin seat. I both typed and then deleted and then typed again “PUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUKKKKEEEEE.

And then wondered, what other performers could entertain us by getting publicly intoxicated for six seasons and still command my full attention? The grievous toll that sluicing a constant stream of sugar and alcohol through one’s body alone at least deserves a hefty health insurance package.


*Equally shocking: In the same interview, Snooki provides sensible financial advice, extolling the value of retirement savings and a strong work ethic.

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