This Video of a Doctor Calming Babies Is So Freaking Calming

Please enjoy this very relaxing video of an experienced pediatrician chilling out a series of crying babies.


In the video, via Digg, Dr. Robert Hamilton shares his technique for dealing with babies freaking out—specifically those in the two- to three-month range. He holds the baby at a 45-degree angle and tucks one of the baby’s arms close to the baby’s body, then crosses the other over, then covers them with his own hand; he holds the baby’s butt in his other hand. Then he starts gently moving the babies around, but Hamilton keeps it interesting—rocking them up and down, stirring them to the left and to the right. With one particular patient, “I shake his little booty.”


“Everything you do is very gentle. You don’t want to do jerking motions—ever.”

Does Dr. Hamilton have any suggestions for offices full of high-strung adults?

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I like his little “this is a good baby” ... ::smooch:: at the end. Like kissing the top of its little head was just an involuntary reaction to seeing a baby head. This guy really likes kids!