On Tuesday, just one day after Donald Trump issued yet another statement denying mocking a disabled reporter, incoming White House chief-of-staff and current RNC chairman Reince Preibus appears to have opted to sit in a seat reserved for disabled passengers on a New York City-bound Amtrak.

A source claiming to have spotted Preibus on the 4 p.m. Acela out of D.C. Tuesday says Preibus and several members of his “overwhelmingly white and male” transition team took seats in the First Class car.


“At one point,” the source says, “Priebus ducked into another row and his assistants took over the disabled passenger seating.”

Hence, the photo, which shows a man with the same hairline as Priebeus apparently making a call with his hand over his mouth, under a sign that says, “Reserved for Passengers with Disabilities.” A Google image search for the photo shows no other results and meta data shows it was taken today.

Here, via wheelchairtravel.org, is a closeup of what appears to be the same sign that’s visible over Preibus’s head.

And here, via the AP, is a photo of Priebus on Capitol Hill the day before.

Here’s a comparison of the two.



Preibus did not respond to requests for comment.