This Story of Demi Lovato Punching Out Her Trainer's Front Tooth Is Delightful

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Let this story of the time Demi Lovato hit her boxing trainer in the mouth so hard that she knocked his tooth out—through a mouth guard—motivate you and carry you through your day.


The singer posted a video of her trainer, Jay Glazer, reacting in the moment. He’s loving it! He rang the bell at Unbreakable Performance Gym, where Lovato has gone for years, to alert everyone and show off his chipped tooth, like a proud father.

“I’m sorry!” Lovato says through a big, cheesy smile as the gym cheers her on. “She’s not sorry! She’s not sorry at all!” Glazer chimes back. Awwww. They’re good.

Sources have been saying that Lovato has turned to fitness and working out since she left rehab in the fall—but Us Weekly reported that Lovato was training with Glazer back in 2016. “The MMA part has definitely resonated the best with her,” Glazer told the magazine then. “She actually hits and kicks incredibly hard, people here are kind of stunned when they look in the cage to see who’s cracking the pads that hard and see it’s her. Gets a good laugh from us.”

As for Glazer’s tooth, he crazy-glued it back in. Seems.... fine.

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Zac Efron may or may not be dating Danish Olympic swimmer Sarah Bro. They both went to an Los Angeles Kings hockey game last week and shared photos from the night, but it’s not immediately clear that they were together. Bro’s was from inside the locker room, but she’s a world-class athlete—maybe she’s got access like that.


There is slightly more conclusive evidence: Two days later, Efron and Bro were spotted sitting next to each other at a UFC fight in Las Vegas and “having a great time,” “smiling and laughing in their seats.” Cute! They were not “overly publicly affectionate,” but they did leave the fight together. Hmmm.

None of this means anything, really. Unless they are dating, in which case it means they’re trying to be low-key about it—which makes so much sense I’m now inclined to see all of their behavior as signs that they’re dating. Bro posted a photo of a flower bouquet on her Instagram story which sure, could have been sent to her by anyone! Her mom. Her best friend. Or her new boyfriend, Zac Efron.


Impossible to know at this point. But it would be very cute if it was true.

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Zach Efron dating a “Bro” feels a little on the nose, no?