This Ripped Powerlifter and Former Marine Just Came Out As Transgender

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A bodybuilder formerly known as Matt Kroczaleski has come out as transgender, and now goes by the name Janae Marie Kroc. The Daily News reports that—in addition to being a champion powerlifter, cancer survivor, and former U.S. Marine—Kroc takes Grade A selfies, which you can find on her Instagram account.


In the caption of a photo posted yesterday, Kroc wrote:

I am currently still living life in both genders. I am trying to wait until my sons are out of high school before moving forward...

I also feel I need to state that I do not fit into any of the boxes that society attempts to put us into and never have. I do identify as both transgender and gender fluid because these are the closest any available labels come to describing who I am. As my profile states I am both an alpha male and a girly girl; hyper-masculine and hyper-feminine.

She continued:

In a perfect world I could snap my fingers and go back and forth at will but of course that world does not exist. That being said if I am forced to pick a gender I identify with more it is female. However, this really isn’t about me being a boy or a girl or something in between. This is just about me being me, who I am and who I know myself to be.

She identifies as mostly female, but not exclusively! She’s a girly girl and an alpha male! She’s both hyper-masculine and hyper-feminine! And even though she lives in a world where transgender rights have a long way to go, Janae Marie Kroc doesn’t give one-eighth of one fuck about what you have to say about her refusal to self-identify in simple terms.

If you don’t approve, I imagine the force of her flexing biceps will cause a gust of wind so powerful that you’ll be knocked down to a level well below the plane of total confidence and existential certainty where she is currently chilling, thriving, and lifting.


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Killing it. KILL. ING. IT. I would FEAST on watching some of the horrid transphobic assholes try and tell her she can’t wear or do what she wants. Thanks for being you and speaking up, Janae!