This Raccoon Loves Fruit, and This Fruit Loves Watching Him Eat it!

This is a video of a raccoon named Buriburi sitting down like a human who’s had a day and eating a persimmon (minus the seed) in three elegant bites as its owner captures the entire moment on video. It was brought to my attention via this tweet, and I have watched it approximately 15 times in the past few minutes.

Though often portrayed as terrifying, disease-carrying pests (one time I stumbled upon a one-eyed, potentially rabid one in Brooklyn Bridge Park), few animals charm me more when caught on video doing cute pet-like things. I may fear their teeth and claws, but when watching them eating fruit while lounging on a couch, I want to cuddle with them for no less than forever.

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Green Eyed Realist

I currently have a raccoon (or raccoons) in my fucking attic. (It’s either that or a small bear.) The critter removal guy can’t come until tomorrow, at which point I will need to pay him $180 to crawl up in my attic to check it out and/or set traps. If he catches said masked bear, he will charge me another $30 to take the damn thing with him. I have no idea how the little shit got up there - we don’t have any trees anywhere near the house.

So anyway - thanks for the reminder.