This Raccoon Has a Serious and Adorable Bubble Wrap Fixation

Let's not be coy with each other — raccoons are horrible. The best way to describe a raccoon to someone who's never seen or heard of raccoons before is to say, "Okay, you know what a cat is, right? Well, a raccoon is like a cat that lives in the garbage and probably has rabies." That said, if you never have to hear, smell, or chase raccoons away from your trash receptacles, they're pretty cute, way cuter than possums, which are like raccoons that were involved in a tragic fireworks factory explosion.

via Laughing Squid

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Raccoons are my favourite animal, and I live in a city that has a million of them so trust that I know they can also be annoying. Reasons raccoons are great:

1. they're cute as hell (those faces, the wobbly walk, everything!)
2. they're super smart, all respect
3. they're goddamn survivors.

If it turns out that reincarnation is a thing, I hope I come back as a raccoon.