What do you suppose a hammock goes for these days? Not the sort of space-age technological marvel hand-sewn by European artisans you'd order from the Neiman Marcus holiday catalog. Just a regular, old hammock. I figure a grand, tops. Not this guy, though. This guy thinks you're looking at $7,000.

Maybe Corey decided to attend this taping on the spur of the moment and has never seen The Price Is Right and therefore doesn't know you're not supposed to overshoot the right price. Or maybe a wild number just popped out of his mouth, thanks to the excitement and the glare of the studio lights. Maybe I just don't have a good sense of what hammocks cost these days, because I don't have the outdoor space for so much as a couple of sad tomato plants! Perhaps Corey simply decided to seize his opportunity for a moment in the viral sun.


According to the Huffington Post, the correct answer was $880, which still seems like a lot of fucking money for a hammock.

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