Family Feud is a very easy game. All contestants have to do for points is name the most popular responses to very simple questions that have been posed to 100 people. But somehow, it doesn't always go so well.


This clip from Tuesday's episode has been dubbed the "biggest Family Feud fail ever." It features a woman named Anna Sass who only needs to score 18 points — which she could do by answering one of five questions correctly — to win her family $20,000. Not only does she fail to reach her goal, she fails to get any points at all.

The Huffington Post reached out to Sass who says that the episode was actually shot last year, but that seeing it now brings back all sorts of disappointed memories, still, she adds, "We had a great time and we still laugh about the entire experience."


Don't worry, Anna. Soon, there will be hardly anyone left who hasn't humiliated themselves in some hugely viral way.

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This lady got SCREWED! The survey questions are supposed to have at least more than one likely answer and for the most part they really didn't. She gave mostly good answers (like her dad gave) she just couldn't come up with better alternatives to the most popular answer. What the hell else does your belly do besides "growl?"

Also, why no one answered "in debt" to that "a married couple might be deeply in what?" question KILLS ME. COME ON NOW.