This Pie/Cake Hybrid Called a 'Cherpumple' Is a War Crime

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Hey, would you like me to tell you about the most offensive dessert in the entire history of human sugar consumption? Meet this awful six-layer mashup of icing, cake and three different types of pies, ridiculously dubbed the “Cherpumple.”

Fuck this whatever the hell this thing is. Says Today:

When it’s time to bring out the big guns for Christmas dessert, there’s only one recipe you need: the mighty Cherpumple. Technically six (yes, six!) desserts in one, the Cherpumple combines cherry, pumpkin and apple pies with three different flavors of cake, all stacked high under a blanket of cream cheese frosting.


Um, no it’s not “six desserts in one” because icing on its own is not a dessert unless you’re licking the mixing attachments or you’re going through a breakup and eating it directly from the Pillsbury container.


We’ve already figured out pie! Nailed it! Pie is a perfect, bounded entity. It doesn’t need to be changed or bastardized by an over-eager food blogger who finally got her shot on the Today Show.

Don’t you ever in your life do this.

EDIT: It seems I misread and the six different deserts comes from three different types of pie and three different types of cake—a detail I assume my brain skipped over to save me from dropping dead from horror.


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The Noble Renard

I mean, I’d taste it. Probably have like a bite or two and then go “ummm.... what do we do with the rest of this?” I’d also eat a turducken.

.... let’s face it, there’s probably not a lot of things I wouldn’t eat. Which is to say from a technical level, Kara, you’re absolutely right. But never underestimate those of us with little impulse control.