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There are fewer than two months to go until election day, and the 2016 presidential campaign has finally completed its transition from bizarre and occasionally hilarious piece of performance art to a reminder of the increasingly bleak reality of our country’s political system.

But as discourse in this election cycle continues to devolve, and media coverage of frontrunners Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump better resembles Us Weekly than it does The New York Times, I’ve decided that the two-party system is no longer for me. I’ve had it with the mud-slinging. I’m finished with the TMZ-ification of politics. I don’t know what either party stands for anymore, apart from the total obliteration of their opponent.

And that’s why I, Bobby Finger, will take a stand this November by refusing to take part in our country’s political binary.

I will NOTE be voting for a Democrat.

I will NOT be voting for a Republican.

This man’s vote is going somewhere else entirely:

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