This News Anchor Reacts Delightfully After Forgetting She Is On the Air

Screengrab via Twitter
Screengrab via Twitter

Be honest: this is so fucking relatable.

As Select/All reports, one news anchor from ABC Australia drifted away during a weekend broadcast, only to be startled back to the present—where, as it happens, she was on the air and in front of a camera. It takes her a moment to realize this and so, just briefly, she is caught not paying the slightest bit of attention.


Her reaction is adorable and so, so real.

Frankly, I’m just impressed that there were no eruptions of profanity. I certainly would not have recovered so gracefully. And who among us, truly?

Update, April 10, 11:45 p.m.: Apparently this anchor, whose name is Natasha Exelby, has been fired from all on-air duties because of this gaffe. That seems a little extreme! #TeamNatasha


Snowqueens Iceramen

She got fired for this and people here are outraged on her behalf.