A bystander captured heart-stopping footage of an emergency rescue during a fire that broke out at a construction site in Houston on Tuesday.


This footage, posted by YouTube user Karen Jones is completely terrifying. Flames engulf the top floor of the building while a construction worker is perched on a ledge. At 1:05, the man can be seen desperately climbing down and dropping to the ledge below him to avoid the flames coming through a window behind him. Just as he's rescued by fire fighters, the building literally begins falling apart. We're talking about a matter of seconds that saved this man's life.

The fire, which raged for 2 1/2 hours before emergency workers put it out, virtually destroyed an apartment building under construction in Houston's Montrose district. Thank goodness this man and everyone else got out safe and sound (no injuries were reported).

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Maybe I'm pregnant, but this was so scary to watch this morning when I saw it on the news that I started tearing up. How absolutely frightening must this had been!