So many fit moms have taken up arms in the Mommy Wars. This one is using her child as the weapon.

As a blogger, stories about fitness gurus documenting the slow Pangea shift of their six packs come across my computer screen frequently. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about them, though I have no baby and no aspirations towards fitness.

Chontel Duncan is one example. She’s on the left, and yes, she’s pregnant and showing what she looks like next to her friend, who is also pregnant and not an Instagram model:

Then there’s Stacie Venagro, former Ms. Fitness Universe winner:


Here’s Sia Cooper, admitting she ate pasta:

The fitness moms are powerful, because they have a huge market of expectant mothers, mothers working on their post-baby bod, and mothers who are pissed at them for being fit who want to write something nasty in the comments. The message that women must maintain physical perfection even through the strenuous process of creating another human being freaks me out, but maybe it’s inspiring to someone who feels like they’re losing some control over their body through pregnancy.


Still, how many times do you need hear, “What’s your excuse?” about your body before screaming, “I don’t need a goddamned excuse!” Apparently, there’s room for one more fitness mom with that message on the Internet. Her name is Kristy, and she stays fit by using her baby as an actual barbell.

What’s your excuse?! She’s using a tiny human to get fit! Is there someone who won’t struggle too much nearby that you can pick up and get ripped with?


This baby is cute as hell, and doesn’t seem to mind being repetitively swung through the air.


It does seem like a nice way to bond, though I wonder at what age the line in the sand is drawn in regards to the baby consenting to participate.

She writes on her blog:

At the beginning of the week commit 3 days to working out. Having kids is no excuse. It definitely makes it HARDER but it can still be done! Sometimes when I feed Tucker I put him in the highchair and between each bite I do 10 squats. SQUEEZE it in where ever you can! My favorite is doing laundry and working out in between loads. When little one takes a nap get a quick workout in. Only YOU can make it happen! Be creative!


This lady definitely lives by her own motto. Baby number two is on the way, which Kristy admits makes things a little harder since Tucker no longer chills on the floor like a non-human weight would when she puts him down.

If she tries to lift them both, one arm is going to get a lot stronger than the other.


Image via Baby Fit Gym.

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