This Message From Jimmy Fallon About His Vanity Fair Cover Is All That

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It's always refreshing to see famous people get humbled by their own success, and this message from Jimmy Fallon about his recent appearance on the cover of Vanity Fair one of the best examples of that ever.


Okay - this is one of those - is this happening - moments. As a kid from upstate NY - Vanity Fair is... a major investment. Yes. You know it, all of the big stars are on it - classy, cool and untouchable. I WOULD'NT even dream to be mentioned in it let alone the cover. To spend my money to buy a magazine was a giant deal. (Rolling Stone, Tigerbeat, MAD) But Vanity Fair? That is a down payment. Just BUYING A COPY meant that you know what's up and you are doing well. I remember making that investment and reading and reading and keeping the magazine - like an old book. It was like the actors got a story (not necessarily the one they wanted) but a real story - plus Dominick Dunne murder mysteries - it kindof was a book.I still have some of my favorite magazines (SPIN, Details and Grand Royal (beastie boys fans know what I'm talking about)). To meet David Kamp and know he's writing about me is weird. To have ANNIE LEIBOVITZ take a picture of you is a story alone! These supermodels Alessandra Ambrosio and Doutzen Kroes were in the east river at 7am in December FREEZING in a bathing suit (it's the 50th ann of SI Swimsuit Issue) I was freezing in my suit as well but these guys were troopers. I asked them if they ever looked BAD in anything. They are so pretty. They said of course!! It was then that I realized I could've been a supermodel. Anyway- here I am. On the cover of Vanity Fair and I'm psyched, amazed, shocked and happy. Just so you know. J

Well, I can't believe I'm saying this. But a goddamn message from Jimmy Freaking FALLON has given me "something in my eye." I can't even snark on this.

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I still can't believe that Jimmy-I-can't-keep-a-straight-face-Fallon made it so big. Good for him, I guess.

Annie Leibovitz taking your picture is a legitimately big deal, though, he warms my heart by fanboying over her.