This Man Will Pay You Half His Salary If You Can Find Him A Wife

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38-year-old Illinois man, Paul "Handsome Paul" Gutierrez, is willing to pony up half his annual salary if you can find him a soul mate...or any suitable mate, for that matter.


Gutierrez opened a website called "Can Anyone Find Me A Wife" with a list of 38 reasons why women should love him, as well as "a collection of awkward stories about his quest to find true love – all of which have failed.":

On his website, he paints himself as a hopeless romantic who has had bad luck with love, thanks to a combination of bad skin, lack of money and less-than-perfect body.

"It would be a real-life beauty and the beast marriage. ... Minus the fact I'm not a wavy-haired prince with a castle and servants. ... More like a balding drifter with a future mobile home and hamsters." he wrote.

If a lucky girl finds Gutierrez, she can expect to be the first girlfriend he's ever had, he wrote.

"I've never had a girlfriend in my life ... Ever ... Though I thought I did once ... That is until her boyfriend showed up," he said.

Lest you think Gutierrez is a loser —which may be a gentler term for what the female version of such a man would likely be called— worry not.

Gutierrez feels he is one of the "luckiest people alive". So he has that going for him:

"Most people probably think I'm an epic loser for trying to find a wife like this, not to mention, I don't have much to offer a woman in regards to money, looks or a career," he wrote. "However ... I am very grateful for what I do have and consider myself too be one of the luckiest people alive!"

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miggery sow

I just went to this guy's website—driven by curiosity, not interest in the offer—and I'm having a tough time believing that he's for real. Here are a few of the things that he shares about himself....

He's slob. He's got messy house pictures to prove it. He's a cheap date—Chuck-E-Cheese, baby! He has a contract asking any potential dates or mates to accept all financial responsibility for both the date itself and any trouble afterward—up to and including stalking. Is that supposed to be humorous? He also discloses that he once traveled to Colombia to buy a wife and the woman crawled out a window and ran away after meeting him. He was turned down by the women he solicited on a Russian mail-order website. He was arrested for soliciting a prostitute after getting the service and then refusing to pay his "masseuse." This was his second arrest.

He isn't a fixer-upper. He's a guy bragging about how intolerable he is ... almost every post on his blog seems to prove that he's completely unlikable ... and I'm not even going to talk about the hamsters.