This Man Loves You, Jenny (or Jenna or Jane or Jan)

I’m certain of so few things in this world. I’m certain Jennifer Lopez is 47. I’m certain Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift were both designed by Vincent Price’s character from Edward Scissorhands, and I’m certain the man in the video above is in love with someone. I’m just not certain of her name.


Friend of Jezebel Lindsay Robertson noticed this man profess his love for someone with a name that probably begins with J last night while watching Sen. Claire McCaskill chat with MSNBC about the DNC email hacks. “I love you,” he says into his phone, moving nervously in front of the cameras as though he’s expecting his high school principal to scold him. “Are you watching? All right.” He says it again. “I love you.”

After what appears to be a confirmation that the object of his affection is tuned to the right channel, he says one more time, “I love you Jenny!” Or maybe it was Jenna! Or Jane or Jen or Jan! I have no idea what these two lovebirds call themselves, I just know they’re in love.

UPDATE: The man in the video has been identified as Kevin Schreiber, a Democratic Representative from Pennsylvania. He was professing his love to Jen, his wife. Here they are together.


Kat Marlowe

Was her number 867-5309? Because I think I know her.