This Man Has the Best Reaction to Finding Out His Wife Is Pregnant

I'm normally not a super huge fan of these "surprise I'm pregnant" announcement videos, but this one earned a special place in my heart.


It's not because it's an especially unique or funny way to surprise someone with a pregnancy announcement. (The shoes are a cute idea though.) It's his absolutely perfect, nailed it, 10/10 reaction to the news. Ever since I found this, I've had "Shut the fuck up! Are you pregnant? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" stuck on repeat in my head. Plus, HIS FACE. His face basically wins everything. Put that face on a t-shirt and send it to me.

Although a close runner-up for the best part is definitely "Are you going to put this on YouTube?" "No." That's a relationship built on the solid foundation of lying to your partner about your social media intentions. I love every single thing about this.



I called my husband, who was at a group meeting for grad school (fucking group projects), absolutely sobbing. "Come home. I'm pregnant." And then I cried for two weeks more.

And this wasn't a surprise or anything. We were actively trying to get pregnant. I like to think I intuitively knew about two year-olds.