This Louboutin Stuck in a Condé Nast Escalator Has Probably Seen a Lot

Look at this photo of a Louboutin high heel stuck inside of an escalator at the Condé Nast, headquarters. Look at it. It’s half poetry, half scene from a Jennifer Lopez rom-com.

This comedic sight of stalled footwear poses some questions. Just what else has this Louboutin been through in its seemingly glamorous life? Did the owner of the shoe have a spare pair of Frankenflops hanging around just in case something like this happens?

Ironically, the stuck heel belonged to shoe designer Nareesha McCaffrey. According to her own Instagram post via The Cut, the shoe was lost during her visit to the offices of Teen Vogue. No word on whether the shoe was returned to her, but I’m hoping someone sets it in bronze like they do with baby shoes.


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All I can think about when I see that picture is the sheer terror Nareesha must have felt as it got stuck and she got closer to the end. It happened to me once and it was terrifying! I mean I was fine of course, but it felt like THE END.