This Lipstick Ad Will Blow You Away

Illustration for article titled This Lipstick Ad Will emBlow/em You Away

It's fairly obvious that a man, and not a Peggy-Olson-ish female approved the art and was the creative force behind this vintage advertisement for Tangee lipcolor. Because: WTF? Click to enlarge. [Vintage Ads]


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I've asked before and, as no one ever put me out of my misery, I will ask again:

Does anyone other than me have a vague memory of Tangee lipstick playing a key role in some girl-centric young adult novel? Indeed: Does anyone have a better than a vague memory of it? Because my vague memory of it is driving me nuts. It's like having 7 notes of a song stuck in your head, but remembering neither lyric nor context. Argh!