This Lady Wins A $157,000 Car On The Price Is Right And Freaks Out

Sheree L. Heil from Tacoma, Washington is your new spirit guide. After her spectacular win on The Price is Right, Heil went absolutely bonkers because that's what you do when you find out you just won a vehicle that's worth almost $160, 000:

On Dec. 30, Heil won an Audi R8 V8 Spyder Quattro S Tronic worth $157,300.00, making her the biggest winner in The Price is Right daytime history. (There have been numerous primetime specials in the past couple of years offering larger prizes including $1 million.)


I fucking love her. Her face through that entire game is the same face I make when I walk through Twin Liquors. ALL THE WINES OMG.

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Whenever I watch TPIR, I always wish more ladies would remember to wear their jumping-up-and-down bras.