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Kylie Jenner, first most wealthy Kardashian-Jenner, seventh most-followed person on Instagram, talks about her 97 million viewers, in the sense that she is constantly on view, and has been her entire life, and it’s kind of sad. As she tells V Magazine for an interview “Kylie Reveals All,” done during a nude photo shoot, which was livestreamed:

“Kylie, nearly naked, was just trying to take a good photo. ‘Then I kept remembering, Everybody is watching me right now.’”

She goes on, wistfully, about a relentless male stalker. “‘I do have a guy that follows me all the time. I just never show anyone the footage,’ she says, laughing. ‘Maybe one day.’”


The interview also explains why celebrities need vast enclosures walk around in.


“I just want a lot of property. That seems like the best life ever: horses and a farm and a garden,” she says. “It would be a good feeling to just live a normal life for a second.”

Please, Mrs. Kardashian/Jenner, let Kylie graze and live and roam free.

Um, but anyway, here are the topless photos!

In case Rihanna has ten houseguests who all need to pee at the same time–or one person who needs to pee but can’t hold it for the half a mile walk across the house–she’s got them covered. Her new $6.8 million six-bedroom, ten-bathroom Hollywood home described in the New York Observer:

...attributes include a billiards room and a fully decked out movie theater, while the guest house is currently configured as a fitness center. Outside, there’s an infinity pool, spa and multiple lounging areas, and views of the Sunset Strip.


Again, I kinda get it now.

The British plebs have had a purpose for the Royal Family all along: gambling. According to Inquisitr, bookies are taking bets on royal baby oddsHOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS. Inquisitr reports that the odds are so close (1:3) that they’ve taken that off the table and moved onto odds of the gender, twins, and triplets, and even better, names: “Alice (8:1), Victoria (8:1), Arthur (10:1), and Henry (10:1).” This is what America needs right now, please, does anybody have a guy?


Nicki Minaj changed a lyric about her ex Meek Mill in Fergie’s new song “You Already Know,” Us Weekly reports. The original lyric “Damn, I ain’t seen Meek Mill-y in a week” was changed to “Damn, they ain’t seen young Nicki in a week.” Further investigation needed.


We know this because an earlier version of Fergie’s album Double Dutchess was leaked, and she just released the official single ahead of the September 22 release date.


I love this.

Outstanding official photos from Theresa May’s visit to Teesside to discuss economic development.


  • Gwen Stefani says it broke her heart for her child to have to wear glasses. That’s nice and all, but now I’m totally self-conscious and saving up for Lasik. [US Weekly]
  • Corinne Olympios, alleged victim of sexual misconduct on Bachelor in Paradise, has broken up with her boyfriend and has already moved on to mystery man whom I’m sure we’ll be meeting soon. [People]
  • I really, really want to like the new Taylor Swift song because she credited the “I’m Too Sexy” guys, who are now set to make a lot of money. They sent her flowers. [The Sun]