This Justin Trudeau Wax Figure Is a Little Aged

Image via Getty
Image via Getty

A Canadian wax museum apparently intent on illustrating the aging effects of leadership has unveiled a new sculpture of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and it is...a little off.


Indeed, as the Daily Mail reports, the new Trudeau waxwork at Montreal’s Grévin Wax Museum has been met with mixed reactions, in part because sculptor Eric Saint Chaffray seems to have replaced Trudeau’s celebrated baby face with sunken cheeks and sadness.

Chaffray, a Paris-based artist whose previous wax subjects include the likes of Donald Trump and Mick Jagger, spent six months turning Trudeau into a Ghost of Christmas Future. Though the Prime Minister’s office reportedly sent in photos, Trudeau did not personally model for Chaffray, so perhaps that prompted the artist to age Trudeau in revenge, who knows!

Trudeau joins a long list of celebrities whose mutilated likenesses have been forever immortalized in wax, with victims including Jennifer Lopez, Meryl Streep, and poor, poor Lady Gaga, whose slew of wax counterparts seem uniquely designed to terrorize children in the night.

The Grévin says the ancient wax Trudeau will live in the museum near wax versions of Barack Obama and Trudeau’s late father, former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, whose own figure is marginally worse.


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