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This Is The Face Of Violent McNugget Rage

Illustration for article titled This Is The Face Of Violent McNugget Rage

At approximately 6:20 a.m. on New Year's Day, Melodi Dushane was arrested after she punched in a window of an Ohio McDonald's. Dushane was apparently denied McNuggets on the grounds that they were no longer serving dinner items. [Smoking Gun]


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Montauk Monster

Man, I feel her. It's insane that McDonald's still has hours for their breakfast garbage only. Sometimes after an amazing late night that will soon be forgotten, nothing hits the spot quite like some McNuggets and fries. Oh, you're trying to sell me an Egg McMuffin right now? It's insulting. What am I supposed to do, make my friend (cabbie) drive me to Sonic? Go to bed hungry??? I thought this was America.