This Is Just a Nice Photo of Barack Obama And Some Children

Barack Obama no longer has to spend his free time chained by the trappings of the presidency, so instead he spent Thursday hanging out with about 50 middle schoolers at the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Washington in Northeast DC. It seems like everyone had a nice time, except maybe the small child in his lap, who seems perturbed.

According to the Washington Post, Obama spent about a half hour at the Jelleff Club, where the Greater Washington chapter of the Boys & Girls Club is headquartered. He reportedly rolled up wearing a Santa hat and a leather jacket, as any Cool Former President is wont to do, and also brought everybody gifts.


Meanwhile, over at the White House, where Obama used to live, current President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump released their Christmas photo, which looks a lot like a recurring nightmare I used to have after I read Hans Christian Anderson’s The Snow Queen.

I’m not crying, I just have some troll-mirror splinter in my eye, I swear.

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