Living argument for poll taxes Michele Bachmann is still pulling in dismal numbers, but has not given up in her fight to be remembered as someone who did not win the 2012 Republican Presidential nomination. While her opponents battle each other, her most formidable recent opponent has come in the form of a South Carolina 8-year-old named Elijah.

Elijah and his father attended a Bachmann campaign event, and the boy said he wanted to tell the Congresswoman something. He's shy, so when you watch the video, turn the volume up or the captions on. When he had an audience with the Presidential candidate, Elijah said, "My mommy's gay and she doesn't need fixing."

Bachmann threw him an annoyed look and disengaged. Kid with gay mom- 1. Congresswoman- 0.

Let's just bench the adults and let adorable 8 year old children run things. Michele Bachmann's generation has fucked up. The generations before and after hers have fucked up. As Whitney Houston said before she was being manually deconstipated by Bobby Brown, I believe the children are the future. With little kids at the helm, the American diet will likely get more juice box intensive and there will be 1000% more Yo Gabba Gabba on TV, but these are prices we pay to replace the current crop of bickering lunatics at the top.


Eight-year-old tells Michele Bachmann: 'My Mommy's gay but she doesn't need fixing' [Towleroad]