Finally, the Rachel Zoe Project has given us the birth of the most fashionable baby in America, Skyler. It didn't disappoint.


It was clear that a baby wouldn't stand in the way of Rachel Zoe being Rachel Zoe — she insisted on packing Chanel sweaters and thigh-high boots with heels for the hospital, saying, "If I'm going to be a mess, I'm gonna be a glamorous mess." Or, minutes after her water broke, the woman is brushing and spraying her hair — visibly in pain — while her husband Rodger stands there, shocked, filming it for future home videos. Never change, girlfriend.

When it all started to set in, Zoe pontificates, "I'm actually pushing a human out of my body and becoming a mother. Ohmygod." Ohmygod, indeed: after sixteen hours of labor, Skyler was born and suddenly, all is calm, happy, and adorable. Of course, there was still some drama among her disgruntled employees who were tasked with setting up the new baby's closet. As we've seen, it's chock-full of designer goods that would make anyone jealous. As the recently-fired-then-hired-again Jeremiah put it, "He has a better wardrobe than I do — and he's not even out of the vagina yet." Life is so unfair.


Rachel Zoe's Closet For Son Skyler Is About What You'd Expect

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I know this is insane and perverse, but I kind of like her insistence on looking fabulous (or as close to it as possible) through birth. I have this weird idea that I'm going to put on some goddamned liquid eyeliner or something before I go to the hospital, and at least take some powder and blush, so that when someone takes that inevitable haggardmomwithbaby photo, I'll have a little something to make me look like a human being.

This is probably a ridiculous plan.