This Is a Pretty Good Use of a Cease and Desist, Actually

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I once went to a spin class so difficult I threw up in a trashcan outside the studio immediately after stretching, then renounced indoor cycling altogether. It’s with that memory firmly burned in my brain that I am reluctant to criticize Amy Schumer for allegedly threatening her personal trainer with legal action over some difficult workouts. Apparently it was all a “joke,” but I would fully understand if it were not.


E! Online says Schumer invited trainer AJ Fisher onto her podcast on Tuesday and brought up her workouts, joking that they were so intense, “I threatened you near constantly.” And by “threatened,” it seems Schumer means she paid her attorneys to send Fisher a cease and desist, since celebrities have money both for customized exercise and frivolous (if trolling) legal action:

As the Snatched star read, “He said, ‘We are the attorneys for Amy Schumer, an internationally known actress, comedian and high-profile public figure. It has come to our attention that while Ms. Schumer has engaged you to perform simple physical training for her, you have instead forced Ms. Schumer to perform extreme and unduly punishing physical exercises well outside the bounds of normal physical training.’ I mean, it goes on and on.”

Though Schumer says this was just a prank, I cannot imagine it was much fun for Fisher to read the letter initially, and apparently she did freak out for a minute. “Amy told me after several of our sessions, ‘You will be hearing from my lawyer,’” she said. “Like, without even saying bye. And then, when I finally heard from her lawyer, I opened the letter and I actually got goosebumps. I had a moment of, ‘Was she serious? Is my career totally over?’”

Her career is not over, of course, and it seems like she’s still training Schumer, so I suppose there’s no love lost there. Hopefully Fisher’s chilled out on the burpees. [E! Online]

Aw, this is sweet: Elton John gave mini-Elton John a drag name!

Page Six reports that John bestowed upon Rocket Man’s Taron Egerton the name “Blodwyn Campervan,” which I would not call a great drag name, but I guess it could be worse.


Why “Blodwyn Campervan?” Blodwyn says:

“I have a camper van — like a VW [RV] — that I spend a lot of time in,” said Welsh actor Egerton, “He finds that very funny, for some reason. So my name is ‘Blodwyn’ — which is a Welsh name — ‘Blodwyn Campervan.’”


OK! [Page Six]

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“Amy told me after several of our sessions, ‘You will be hearing from my lawyer,’” she said.

Yes, I remember playing practical jokes on the servants... their fear for their livelihood was so funny. /s

So they hate each other now? Well, that sounds appropriate. :-)