This Instagram Falling Stunt Woman Both Terrifies and Inspires Me

Page Ginn has a YouTube page, but most of her following is on Instagram, where she posts videos of herself taking insane tumbles in front of unsuspecting passerby—most of whom continue passing by, looking baffled.

If you’re wondering if Ginn ever hurts herself, there is at least one photo of an injury I refuse to link to that made me scream out loud. While I generally don’t enjoy “prank” vids (and these clips definitely fall into that category), the joy that Ginn seems to take from treating her body so irreverently is contagious:


In this one she tucks and rolls away from a confused bystander after they fail to come to her assistance:

Ginn’s posts reminded me of a moment towards the end of the recent trailer for Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, in which the bride of the titular wedding is hit by a rogue ATV, getting completely fucked up right before walking down the aisle. It’s obviously supposed to be a hilarious punchline in which a woman is hurt, and it makes me cringe:

It’s hard to find to find humor in seeing women’s bodies take abuse, yet for women trying to be funny, especially in the Jackass oeuvre, it’s a real limit to their range as comedians if they can’t fall down. In Ginn’s videos, she’s taking her own risks and enjoying reactions. She’s not the punchline. The punchline is defying people’s expectations of her body and how it should move through space. Her falls are brutal, but they’re for her:


On her YouTube page, Ginn writes, “I like to prank the public,” so she may not think about her goofs as anything more lofty than that. Watching them, I felt genuinely inspired to run instead of walk, jump a little higher, and take a few more chances. Though hopefully nothing like this will happen to me. (Oh, god, don’t click!!!)

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The Noble Renard

I was with her until that one where she threw her food all over the In-N-Out. How much do you want to bet she didn’t grab a mop when she was done?