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Meet Phoenix Sundown. Doesn’t he look nice? No? How about now?

Believe it or not, Phoenix—with his wholesome Glasgow smile, expertly executed face tattoos, and several YouTube videos titled after mass shootings in movie theaters—is not a very good person. In fact, he is currently in jail because he sent child pornography (along with a blanket with Elvis’ face on it, a coffee maker, and some letters) to one of the tween stars of Dance Moms. (Thankfully, the Murrysville, Pennsylvania post office intercepted and tagged the packages before they reached their intended victim.)


Shockingly, he also has a preexisting criminal record. According to TMZ:

Phoenix Sundown was arrested back in 2007 for assaulting his 18-year-old girlfriend. He was 29 at the time. Sundown got 3 years in a state pen, but was eventually diagnosed with a mental disorder and transferred to a prison hospital.

During counseling there ... doctors discovered Sundown had several photos of women with red pen and wax markings on their breasts and crotches. One collage showed a Lindsay Lohan pic with trails of red dripping on her body, and Sundown holding a long knife over her.

He is currently being San Diego Central Jail.

Just goes to show that creeps come in all shapes and sizes.

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I swear to God, if he’s the next subject on “Would U,” I’m never Kinjaing again.