This Game Show Based on the Shazam App Will Have Us Yelling at the TV, Possibly Kill Us

Image screengrab via Shazam
Image screengrab via Shazam

As part of television’s ongoing efforts to cause viewers grave emotional distress by way of game shows, Fox will air yet another random game show, this time based on the music recognition app Shazam.

On Monday at TCA, Fox announced the pick-up of Beat Shazam, a show where music-obsessed contestants will compete with each other to see if they can name that tune before time’s up. The winners then move onto a final round where they’ll be challenged to identify a song faster than Shazam, the clutch app that IDs songs in real time and has saved many lives.

Can you name this tune?—“I knew you were/You were gonna come to me/And here you are/But you better choose carefully/’Cause I, I’m capable of anything/Of anything and everything.” COME ON! QUICKLY! It could be anything! This show sounds fun, but note that this is exactly what the machines want—a chance to humiliate us as we try to compete against our own manmade algorithms and, in turn, our hubris.

Culture Editor, Jezebel

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I want a Shazam app for commercial voiceovers