This Fashion Video Is Everything You've Ever Wanted in a Fashion Video

I swear, if I see one more serious fashion video featuring a free spirited wood nymph wondering around and touching vintage photographs like she's the old lady from Titanic, I'm gonna punch something. Or go buy a crate of mason jars and an accordion. I DON'T KNOW, I'm torn. Anyway, the folks at Viva Vena! has finally taken this wide-eyed, twee, Live Journal-inspired fashion film style to task with a trés funny parody featuring the awesome Lizzy Caplan.


"When I'm alone, I like to pretend I'm in a movie," Caplan hoarsely whispers. "The kind of movie I don't quite understand. Sometimes I think to myself in French and listen to old records from the sixties. They're way better than stuff today. More authentic."

FYI, I typed this post on an old typewriter.



Oh man...I have a friend I really really want to send this to....but I don't think she'll appreciate it...because SHE IS THIS PERSON.

I love her, but I show my boyfriend her pictures on Instagram and even he is like "really? reallllly?"

Dude at one point there was a picture of her standing in a field holding a red balloon. Where did she find a field in L.A? Did she really go get a red helium filled balloon? Who TOOK that picture? Did she ask the person "Hey, this Saturday do you wanna go find a field and take a picture of me alone with a balloon?" and were they all like "Hell yea I do!" WHYYYYYYY???

This video is brilliant.