This Excited Bearded Man Is Living His Best Life at a Rihanna Concert

Variations on the phrase “getting one’s life” are thrown around rather loosely these days. Sure, you may have enjoyed that donut, but was it really that important? So please now lay witness to a man with a plan and a beard who truly got his damn life at the Rihanna’s show in Houston last night.


What I love so much about this display of rigorous fandom is that this is exactly how act when I sing to “Bitch Better Have My Money in my bathroom mirror. I do not have the bravery to go full fangirl in a giant area full of people but that is why there is not a video of me on Rihanna’s Instagram right now.

We don’t know this loyal fan’s name or what he has in that cup, but we do know that bitch better have his money. Slay, my bearded Rihanna-loving friend. Slay.

Image via Instagram/screengrab

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