This Dog Food Ad Is Shamelessly (and Effectively) Manipulative

The thing about this is, you totally figure out where Old Man and Jaunty Puppy are going as soon as Old Man scoops up the flowers, and you’re all like, “Psh, whatever. This totally won’t make me cry.” But it totally does make you cry when the old man straightens his tie at the gate to the necropolis, and then straightens his dog’s collar. Holy shit, Cesar — your ad people are emotional vampires. Does Don Draper work there?


via Business Insider

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Not a "People" Person

It's that bit at the end where you see he's made himself a nice little dinner with proper vegetables on a real plate and a nice glass of wine just for himself that does it for me. I mean, most evenings I can barely bring myself to get the pop tart into the toaster, and I'm not even bereaved.