This Crazy Ex-Girlfriend '80s Jam About Misandry Is Really Speaking to Us Right Now

Technically, “Let’s Generalize About Men,” the latest bopping releases from Rachel Bloom and Crazy Ex Girlfriend, was released last Friday, but something about the last few weeks in particular (what could it be?) has us saying, “FUCK TIMELINESS. POST IT ANYWAY.”


In the song, Rebecca (Bloom), Paula (Donna Lynne Champlin), Valencia (Gabrielle Ruiz), and Heather (Vella Lovell) find themselves in a position we know very well: Getting hammered with girlfriends while talking about how terrible a few individual men are and then spreading that to the male gender as a whole. Yes, as the song posits, let’s generalize!

“Let’s take one bad thing about one man and apply it to all of them,” the women—united as a 1980s girl group in neon—sing. “ Let’s conflate all the guys! Let’s generalize! About men!”



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I was genuinely not sure what to make of this when I saw it. I felt like I thought it was going one way, which is to say that it was going to make fun of #notallmen, but then women ended up being the target instead? I wasn’t offended by it or anything, I just felt a little confused, and thought maybe it could have been done better? It’s also possible that I missed the point entirely. I’ve been known to do that.