This Commercial Totally Nails the Double Standard for Men and Women

A woman will often be called pushy for the same thing a man would be called persuasive for. Or she'll get called a bitch when he gets called a boss. We know this, but it's very rare that we see the double standard so plainly called out in a nationally syndicated commercial. Of course, now that that very commercial is actually airing, it's only showing in the Philippines and it's being used to sell hair products, but still — this Pantene Philippines commercial is pretty cool stuff.


Awesome commercial. Shame it's only in the Philippines of all places. I only disagree with two parts- the vain/neat part and the smooth/show-off parts. Putting attention on your physical appearance is the kind of thing women are usually praised for and men are called "metro" or "gay" or "feminine". If a woman plucks her eyebrows - good, she's taking care of herself. If a man plucks his eyebrows- OMG HE'S SO GAY!

Obviously, these double standards are caused by the same stuff as the Boss/Bitch double standards, but I think it's a stretch to say men are given more credit for primping than women are.