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This Child Doesn't Care to Meet the Bloody Queen, Thank You Very Much

Photo via AP Images.
Photo via AP Images.

Bloody monarchy. Who needs it? Not this toddler, apparently.

The Telegraph reports that yesterday, at the unveiling of a memorial to British citizens who’ve served in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Gulf, two-year-old Alfie was supposed to hand Queen Elizabeth II a bouquet. Instead he did that that wiggle/squirm/melt thing so popular with kids his age, before finally sitting his butt right on the ground.


The Telegraph added that, “Corporal Michele Lunn, Alfie’s mother, said afterwards that the Queen had been ‘very understanding’ thanks to having children of her own, thanking the toddler for her flowers even after he made a tentative grab to keep one.”


He also made a grab for Theresa May’s pearls. Attaboy, Alfie! We look forward to welcoming you into the comments of posts about Prince Harry to complain about how the royals are a bunch of freeloaders.

Senior Editor, Attic Haunter, Jezebel

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Speaking of kids destroying what should have been serious moments, this happened earlier today on BBC. (Anchor interviews professor about the newly impeached South Korean president.)

I can’t tell what is funnier, the kid’s strut, the baby in the walker coming around the corner or mom’s Kramer slide in. IT’S COMEDY GOLD, JERRY!