Today, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, mother to the future Monarch of the United Kingdom, met a cat named Bob. She looked impressed; Bob did not.

People reports that Kate attended the premiere of A Street Cat Named Bob, ā€œabout a young homeless musician and his unlikely friendship with a cat,ā€ which is ā€œbased on the internationally acclaimed book of the same name and costars Downton Abbeyā€˜s Joanne Froggatt.ā€ Bob starred as himself:

ā€œHeā€™s having a bit of a grumble now, but itā€™s amazing,ā€ said James Bowen, the former heroin addict whose lifeā€”along with 11-year-old feline Bob, whom he brought to the premiere on his shoulderā€”inspired the film. ā€œStanding on a red carpet about a film about a part of my life, with my little man here, and he got to star as himself in the film. Itā€™s very surreal.ā€


Apparently Bob is democratically minded, because he didnā€™t so much a twitch an ear at the chance to meet royalty. This is a cat who just does not care.