This Bunny's Mad As Hell And He's Not Gonna Take It Anymore

Little known fact: While the tortoise won the race and the hare burned out early, the cat in this video was lounging on the side of the field drinking a white Russian and reading the trades. Accordingly, the coexistence of Monti (cat) and 7-year-old Holland lop Waffles (rabbit) is not always peaceful. Above, find the adorbs proof.


[via Tastefully Offensive]

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dude, little known fact: BUNNIES TAKE NO SHIT. do not be fooled by their fluffy, carrot-loving demeanor, they will cut a bitch.

I had rabbits as pets for most of my childhood. The length and depth of the scratches you could get, just because one was leaping out of your arms and towards the alfafa or whatever, was astounding.